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Quality Assurance

As a young blood in the Call center Industry eBusiness BPO has an advantage over other centers when it comes to Quality Assurance. eBusiness BPO Inc stepped away from the traditional approach because it understands that when it comes to Quality Assurance it’s not just about listening and monitoring.

Quality Assurance starts with the agents. It's about assuring client’s that we will put agents on the phone who know not only the product but have mastered the quality guidelines demanded by their project. Metrics are then in place to make sure that we can measure the agent's progress as he grows within the vertical.

Quality Assurance at eBusiness BPO is about automated workflow and embedded analytics that reduce manual work 60-80 percent. Our analysts know that they are not just there to listen. They are there to follow and implement the Six Sigma principle of: Define Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. Thus, with our state of the art call monitoring technology that enables us not just to listen but whisper to agents without the customer knowing or hearing; a perfect CSAT is an easy thing for us. In addition, our quality assurance specialists have the ability to capture and record both audio conversation and screen navigation which allows the QA team to study the causes of problems live and in real time. Our system will display and monitor every agent. This allows our management team and quality assurance specialists to take appropriate action to improve our agents call handling methods.