eBusiness BPO Inc :: Inbound

Inbound Solutions

eBusiness BPO, powered by AZPIRED has been known in our industry for our ability to offer the highest quality customer service to our clients'. We maintain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year service center.

With a state of the art technology center we make available to our clients’ the most advanced services creating a quality experience for your customers. We guarantee that your customers will always be satisfied. Quality calls with redundant 100 MBPS fiber lines help to eliminate poor voice quality. We also have a private line network option for secure calling.

If you want to increase quality, retain customers and enhance customer loyalty, than eBusiness BPO should be your service center of choice. eBusiness BPO provides our services in a PCI DSS 2.0 compliant environment.

  • Taxi Dispatch Services
  • Political Surveys
  • Order Verification and Processing
  • Customer Support and Retention Services
  • Product Support Services
  • Technical Support
  • Credit Card Services
  • Customer Complaint Resolution
  • Customer Win-Back
  • Lead Qualification
  • Order Processing Services
  • Chat Support, Email Support
  • Customer Surveys

Ebusiness has many other services available and we can customize your programs. Call us to discuss your needs.