eBusiness BPO Inc :: Recruitment & Hiring

Recruitment Procedures

In order to be considered the best means that we must recruit only the best. Our process of isolating and screening those who would fit the criteria of our clients’ is our highest priority. We continue to evolve and develop new and better ways to provide only the best agents for our clients’. We use many techniques and methods in our search for that perfect team member. Beside the use of traditional methods of recruiting, we also use online job websites and social media networks. We maintain relationships with colleges and universities throughout our community. These techniques help us reach the maximum number of qualified potential employees or future team members.

Who is our idea candidate?

  • First we require our agents to have obtained a degree from a college or university. This shows us that this person has the ability to stay the course and finish projects.
  • Next we maintain a strong relationship with local colleges and universities. This helps us identify only the best applicants.
  • We also test our potential applicants for personally, trait and professionalism. We need to know what type of temperament this person has before we can move on.
  • All of our applicants must type at least 35 words per minute. This helps to insure that they can be a more productive agent.
  • We want agents that can think outside the box.
  • Finally we hire only those people that are capable of multitasking.

Hiring Process

Our philosophy and the strict adherence to our set of core values are what set us apart from most service centers. We are very selective in our process and only hire once we are convinced of an applicant’s ability to meet our high standards. We are focused on hiring professional, dependable agents with outstanding character and who possess the skills and experience needed to be successful.

eBusiness BPO likes people who stay on the job and do not hop from one job to another. We carefully examine a potential agent’s work history and we will call those references to certify that everything is correct and true on an application.

Application process

  • Assessment – Based on score, in-person interviews and additional client-specific requests, assessments are completed. Applicants are also required to take a personality test so we can assess the applicants’ ability to handle stress, pressure and their ability to get along with fellow employees. This is a basic trait test.
  • Interviews – Are conducted by a recruitment officer. This is followed up by a manager from the production team, it is furthers followed up by a member of our English grammar and accent team, lastly the HR manager makes the final decision unless we are hiring a management position person. The final interview in this case would be by upper management employee.
  • NBI Clearance – All applicants that have passed the hiring process must present to the company a NBI clearance which would be equivalent to a live scan issued in the United States. This is mandatory before an applicant can begin his or her training. This verifies that the applicant has no hidden secrets and no outstanding civil or criminal history past or present.
  • Scheduling – All agents agree and understand that their schedules are flexible and can change at any time. They are required to sign an acknowledgement letter stating they understand and agree.